Bat removal should be done as humanely as possible to the little critters. After all, they are currently in decline due to white-nose fungus. Do not be like my cousin to once killed one with a The simplest solution is to find the bat against the wall, and quickly put a box over it. Slide a piece of cardboard under the box, and then carefully take this contraption off the wall and take it outside. Take off the box covering, and run like hell! Caution: this should be done carefully to avoid bites since or scratches since bats can be a vector of rabies in certain states.

Need to have squirrels removed from the attic? Squirrel removal Chicago suburbs is simpler since a basic steel box trap can be set and baited for the squirrel. juvenile_fs2Apples and peanuts can be used as bait. When the squirrel is captured, it should be released at least 5 miles away from your house, in order to prevent that unwelcome guest from coming back into your home. Continue to place the trap in your attic or wherever else the squirrel was found, in case there are others, until you verify that all points of entry have been sealed off.

Raccoon removal Chicago cities is probably the most serious of all small animals to remove, since they are a huge vector for rabies and roundworm in the United States.Raccoon-Removal-from-Attic-Houston-300x225 The best thing to do would be to call animal control, since one bite from this aggressive animal would cause you the need to undergo rabies vaccination. If you choose to attempt to remove it yourself, your best bet is to seal up all but 1 point of entry in the infested area. Then, spread strong smelling stuff around the area, such as ammonia-soaked or chili-pepper soaked rags. The strong smells should prompt the critters to relocate. Make sure that they are all gone before sealing up the area.

As the saying goes, as ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure that all holes in the attic are patched up. You’d be surprised as to what can squeeze through the smallest of holes. Also, make sure that all foodstuffs are put away and kept out of sight. The alluring aroma of food can be attractive to rodents during the fall when their natural sources of food start to become scarce.